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About Barrett Contracting

Our concrete company in Omaha first opened for business in 1966. A small, family-owned company, our team focused primarily on masonry work with a special focus on residential masonry. As our team grew, we saw a larger need in the market and sought to fill it with our expert poured foundation and footing services in Omaha. 

Throughout more than 50 years in business as concrete suppliers and pouring contractors, we’ve learned a lot. We’ve changed our service offerings. We’ve even changed our name from Barrett Masonry to Barrett Contracting. A few things, however, have remained steadfast over the course of the last half century. The first is our commitment to honest, high-quality workmanship on every project. It is our most important priority. Our Omaha concrete supplier company also remains committed to our employees, helping them grow and learn using the best industry training and guidance to help them perform the best possible work. Finally, we’re committed to quality communication between our team and the homeowners, builders, and other individuals we come into contact with. At our Omaha concrete supplier company, we know that when we pay special attention to the quality of our work, the well-being of our concrete pouring contractors, and the way we communicate with our partners, the sky’s the limit for both our future and yours.

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