Foundation Construction Professionals in Omaha

Any residential foundation pouring project needs an experienced team of foundation and basement wall construction experts. If you’re a homeowner or contractor in Omaha, Barrett Contracting has extensive experience and knowledge and we would welcome the opportunity to work with you on your construction project. 

Through the years, we have perfected our process for foundation pouring. Once the work site has been excavated, our team will pour the footings and let them cure properly. The footings are an integral part of the foundation process since they help to distribute the weight of the house and provide stability. We’ll then expertly build the casts for the basement walls, pour the concrete to form the walls, and let the walls fully cure. Once the casts are removed, you’ll have a professional foundation that will withstand the harsh conditions of our region.

A small, family-owned company, Barrett Contracting has the experience and know-how to tackle any residential project that requires poured concrete footings and foundation. At the heart of our process is our commitment to an honest day’s work, and our team members prove that on a daily basis by bringing their A-game to each and every job site. We believe that good communication contributes to the success of the build, no matter how big or how small. Our team emphasizes communication with one another and with our customers, which leads to a smooth project and happy homeowners and contractors.

At Barrett Contracting, we’re proud to be called one of the top Omaha concrete contractors for the past 50 years. Our team of foundation experts can help you with a foundation for your new home, or with pouring a foundation for a new addition to an existing home. We have the knowledge and experience to tackle the conditions that are specific to the Omaha region, like certain weather conditions and soil types, assuring that your concrete job will be done right the first time. Reach out today for information or a free estimate on your next home project.

new home foundation

When you’re looking for an Omaha based foundation contractor that can handle all your new residential construction needs, Barrett is the team to turn to.

Our professionals have more than a decade of experience working on poured concrete walls and footings in Omaha, La Vista, Ashland, and the surrounding areas. Whether building a new home for yourself or for a client in the Omaha area, you need an experienced team of foundation and poured-wall contractors that you can trust. The team at Barrett Contracting can take a look at the specific requirements of your new home foundation pouring project and provide you with a free estimate. Barrett Contracting has been in the masonry and concrete business since 1966, and is proud to provide you with the highest quality of services on each and every project we work on. Our company training ensures that each team member comes to the job site not only with the skills to pour a high-quality foundation, but also effective communication skills, an efficient approach to the project, and a can-do attitude. These are the qualities that make our employees shine.

Our team of professionals has the experience and knowledge necessary to tackle all of the challenges of our Midwestern landscape. We don’t let the harsh weather, sandy or silty soil, or any other regionally specific problem stand in the way of a quality new home foundation. We’ve got the know-how to tackle any type of situation, which results in quality poured or slab-on-grade new home foundations.

Working with Barrett Contracting means working with the area’s expert team for poured foundation walls and footings. Our Omaha based foundation contractors show up to every site with the knowledge, tools, and training to pour stable, long-lasting residential foundations for our partners.

New Home Foundation

Whether you are building a new home for yourself or you’re a homebuilder working on a new home for a client, you can trust the experts at Barrett Contracting to pour the new foundation. With a steadfast commitment to quality on every project we work on, our knowledgeable team of professionals consistently pours foundations that stand up to the hardships of our midwestern landscape. When pouring a new home foundation, we have the experience to address and overcome all of the issues that are specific to our region, like harsh weather conditions and sandy, silty soil. Contact us for a free estimate on your new home foundation in Omaha.

New Home Addition

When you’re ready to build an addition onto your home, you’ll want an experienced team to create a stable poured foundation. You may be thinking of adding an extra room to your house for a baby or parent, or for additional living space or storage. Whatever the purpose, our experts will work with you and your contractor in order to plan and pour a foundation that will be safe for your family and stand the test of time.

When a foundation for a new addition is not poured properly, it can lead to water problems or separation problems where the new addition meets the original home. At Barrett Contracting, we focus on every detail, like properly poured footings, removal of unsuitable mediums in the soil such as large rocks or buried metal, and consideration of slopes in the landscape, ensuring your new addition will properly attach to the original home.

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If you’re a homeowner or a residential construction team, you can rest assured that our Omaha based concrete pouring contractors have a commitment to excellence and will strive to keep your project on time and on budget. We focus on the details to ensure a stable and long-lasting residential foundation, offering you peace of mind for your new home. Reach out to our friendly, professional customer service team with any questions you have on a new home foundation. We’re happy to answer your questions and concerns and provide you with a free estimate on your next new construction foundation in Omaha!