Building New Home Additions

People build additions for all kinds of reasons. Whether you need the extra room for a little one on the way, a parent who needs your care, or simply to add storage or living space for the family you have now, it all starts with a foundation. The team at Barrett Contracting can create a foundation for your addition that’s stable, perfectly poured, and safe for the future of your home and family. Call us to learn more about the residential concrete services that we offer in Omaha and the surrounding areas.

Common Issues with Home Addition Foundations

Because additions are not part of the initial blueprint when a home is built, it takes an expert team to ensure your new square footage is attached properly to the original home. Our Omaha based new foundation contractors have often found that an improperly planned addition can lead to issues in the long run. Poorly built foundations can lead to water problems where the addition meets the original home, or separation problems between the new and old spaces. Shallow footings, failure to remove unsuitable mediums in the soil like large rocks or buried metal, or failure to plan correctly for slopes in the landscape can all lead to issues with your addition’s foundation in the months and years after you finish the project. Our Omaha based residential concrete services team works with homeowners and contractors to plan and pour foundations for residential additions that will stand the test of time.

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Home Addition Expertise By Barrett

Our new foundation contractors in Omaha have been serving local homeowners for more than 50 years. Though we’ve continued to grow and add to our service offerings throughout that time, we’ve never wavered from our original goal: pouring safe, stable residential foundations for our friends and neighbors in Omaha, Beaver Lake, Ashland, and the surrounding areas.

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