Add-On Garage Foundation Services in Omaha

If you’re planning on attaching a garage to your house in Omaha, and need a concrete foundation poured, you need Omaha's best garage addition foundation contractor to make sure the new garage is properly attached to the original home. You’ll want an experienced team who can make sure your new garage has a solid infrastructure and strong, stable support. Otherwise, you may encounter water damage, separation problems, settling, or issues where the garage meets the existing structure.

Attaching A Garage To A House

At Barrett Contracting, part of our planning process takes into consideration the slope of the landscape and any existing debris, like large rocks, buried metal, or any other rubble that needs to be cleared before the foundation can be poured. Our garage addition foundation contractors in Omaha have the knowledge, tools, and skills to properly prepare the soil and the area surrounding your home before we begin pouring the foundation for your new garage.

With our team’s experience and know-how, you can rest assured that your new garage addition foundation stands up to Omaha’s harsh weather and soil conditions. With over 50 years of experience, Barrett Contracting is known for our standard of excellence when it comes to poured and slab-on-grade foundations, which we’ve completed year-round throughout the state of Nebraska. We’ll make sure the garage addition foundation of your Omaha home is properly poured, cured, and will provide stability to properly distribute the weight of your new garage.

new home foundation

Omaha’s Garage Addition Foundation Contractor

When planning on attaching a garage to the house, contact the experts at Barrett Contracting for a free estimate for the garage add-on foundation. When you work with us, you’re working with a company who has been selected as one of the top Omaha concrete foundation contractors year after year. We focus on the details so you don’t have to, which results in a secure, professionally poured concrete foundation—one that’s safe for you and your family.